Howard Jones
Celebrate It Together –
The Very Best Of Howard Jones 1983-2023

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of his recorded music career, Cherry Red is both proud and delighted to release a brand new ‘Very Best Of’ compilation to mark this momentous occasion.

For his 40th anniversary, Howard wanted to create a truly unique collection. ‘Celebrate It Together The Very Best Of Howard Jones 1983-2023’ is the first anthology that looks at his entire catalogue, from the original version of “New Song,” all the way to a 2023 Elephant Talk remix of it that recasts it within a modern electronica context.*

It includes songs from his classic Warner-era catalogue, as well as work from his independent Dtox label.

For ‘Celebrate It Together’, Howard has personally chosen to group the songs into four categories: “Popular Hits,” “Electro,” “Chill,” and “Curiosities.” He wanted to elevate this selection of songs beyond the typical chronological approach and create themes that mix and match different pieces from different eras, with the overall listening experience top of mind.

The Celebrate It Together – The Very Best of Howard Jones 1983-2023 is released on 6th of October as a 2CD, 4CD Clamshell Box Edition and a 2LP Translucent Mint Green Editon.

*4CD and 2CD formats only.


There are also 25 signed copies of the white label/2LP TPs of Howard’s first ever vinyl LP ‘Very Best Of’ compilation.